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Car and truck parts and accessories Improve your car's performance and look with a lowering kits, springs, shocks or brakes.
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Ford Mustang Lowered
Koni Sport Suspension KitKoni Sport Suspension Kit
The KONI Sport Kit delivers lowering up to 1.8" for a more aggressive, sporty appearance. At the same time it enhances handling performance, car reaction to steering input and offers considerable reduction in dynamic vehicle roll. The kit consists of four KONI Sport Shocks and bright blue KONI lowering springs each carefully tested and matched per fitment to provide the best possible performance. KONI Sport Kit's shocks are externally adjustable (based on fitment) to allow for even further optimization with a simple turn of the knob.
DC Sports Strut Bar - Front - Carbon Steel - CSB1304
This strut bar is designed to improve a car's road manners and handling characteristics. It works with the factory suspension components and is ideal for road race applications or for spirited drivers with modified street vehicles.
Improve steering response and reduce chassis flex for better handling.
REWORKS HEAVY–DUTY STRUT BAR A must for hard cornering or auto–crossing. DC SPORTS STRUT TOWER BARS AND TIE BARS Reinforce and strengthen suspension while tightening up handling and improving steering.
Circuit Sports Strut Bars - 3 Point Front Strut Bar 03-05 Evolution 8Circuit Sports Strut Bars
Circuit Sports triple tubed aluminum front strut bar This strut bar is extremely light and at the same time one of the strongest.
Acura Integra Strut Bar Pilot Acura Strut Bar 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 FRONT STRUT BAR AND REAR TIE BARS Eliminate flexing in front unibody and upper strut mounts for radically better handling and steering accuracy!
Drop your ride a couple inches with a lowering kit for improved handling and sleek looks. All of our lowering kits are custom-tuned for your specific vehicle. From spring sets to total packages, we have the right lowering kit for you and your budget.

Shocks & Struts

KW Coilover Shocks — Eibach Springs Pro Damper Shock Absorbers — Superlift Superide SSR Shocks — Edelbrock Street Rod Shocks
Eibach Springs Pro Street Coil–Over Shocks — Outfit your favorite ride with the same technology used in Formula 1 racecars. Eibach's Pro Street Coil-Over Shocks let you tune your vehicle for peak suspension performance. 4–wheel adjustable height.
EASY STREET AIR HAMMER COMPLETE AIR STRUT SUSPENSION SYSTEM Maximum lowering for show ( up to 4" in front, 5" in rear) plus comfort and improved handling at ride height!
Eibach Anti-Roll KitEibach Anti-Roll Kit
While the Eibach Pro-Kit Springs represent the major tuning device for your suspension, additional roll stiffness can be achieved by using the Eibach Anti-Roll Kit. Anti-roll bars further reduce body roll and allow fine tuning of your vehicle's suspension. The goal is neutral, predictable handling. Eibach Anti-Roll Bars are cold-formed from high strength aircraft grade steel and are carefully designed to fit your vehicle without modification.
Bilstein HD Shock
BILSTEIN® MONO–TUBE GAS SHOCK Self–adjusting no external changes needed! All Bilstein gas pressure struts/inserts and gas pressure shock absorbers operate on the same principle. They are manufactured with the rod pointing down into the strut tube, thereby utilizing the thicker, stouter body portion of the shock absorber to dissipate side loads. Consequently, due to the increased diameter and surface of the pressure tube, the Bilstein gas pressure strut/insert or shock is better suited to take increased side loads when compared with the conventional version.
Adjustable with three different settings ranging from soft to firm. KONI Sport shock absorbers (painted yellow) were developed for sporting drivers by focusing on exceptional road holding and handling properties, combined with an acceptable level of comfort. KONI Sport shock absorbers are also available as part of KONI's Threaded Suspension Kits which feature threaded adjustable lower spring perches (where applicable) and progressive rate lowering springs designed for performance street driving.
KYB® AGX ADJUSTABLE GAS SHOCKS/STRUTS Competition–grade engineering and construction from the leader in ride control technology.
Eibach Pro Spring Lowering KitEibach pro Spring Lowering Kit
The Eibach Pro-Kit lowering spring set improves your vehicle's looks and performance. Pro-Kit springs lower the vehicle's center of gravity, reducing body roll in the turns, dive under braking, squat during acceleration and give the car a more solid secure feel at all times. Pro-Kit Springs also minimize the ugly fender gap that makes a car look "lifted." Eibach Pro-Kit Springs..." The look that performs."

Sport Compact

Effortless height adjustments—simply use the wrench included!
In just minutes, drop or raise the front and rear of your car up to 4"!
Brembo Turismo Brake KitBrembo Turismo Brake Kit  PERFORMANCE Brake kits – pads and rotors.
The Turismo System achieves maximized braking power while utilizing the vehicle's Original Equipment calipers. Thermal capacity and brake torque are increased to shorten stopping distances and reduce brake fade. The Turismo system is a great solution for vehicles with larger aftermarket wheels and tires, performance upgrades or heavy-duty towing needs.
Big Brake Kits
Brembo Turismo Brake Kit - Baer Eradi Speed Plus 2 Rotors — Power Slot Plus Big Brake System
StopTech Slotted Big Brake Kit - StopTech Big Brake KitsSlotted Big Brake Kit
Stop Tech Slotted Big Brake Kits will improve and personalize your vehicle. Big Brake Kits by StopTech — selected by many auto enthusiasts in the top automotive discussion forums. StopTech Slotted Big Brake Kit for your vehicle will deliver the results you are looking for! StopTech Slotted Big Brake Kit — Brakes & Brake Pads — Big Brake Kits. Six–Piston calipers come with 15in rotors and the 4–Piston calipers come with 14in rotors. Fits New Dodge Challenger and many more.
Power Slot Power Alloy RotorPower Slot Power Alloy Rotor
Venting the gas emitted by hot brake pads improves overall brake performance and helps minimize fade. Power Slot Power Alloy Brake Rotors are specifically designed to run cooler. In fact, all applications have superior metallurgy and design specifications, including vane designs (with some applications featuring curved vane designs) to further promote cooler running temperatures. And the Power Slot Power Alloy Brake Rotor's slotted design dramatically improves wet and dry brake performance and is a safer alternative to drilling crack prone holes through cast iron rotors.


DBA Gold Series Rotors - DBA Disc Brakes of Australia - Brake Rotors
The DBA Gold Series Rotors will improve and personalize your vehicle. Brake Rotors by DBA Disc Brakes of Australia — selected by many auto enthusiasts in the top automotive discussion forums. DBA Gold Series Rotors for your vehicle will deliver the results you are looking for! DBA Gold Series Rotors — Brakes & Brake Pads —Brake Rotors.

Ceramic Brake Pads

Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads & Hawk Brake PadsCeramic Brake Pads
Leave others in the dust without leaving a thick coat on your wheels! Ceramic Hawk Brake Pads are the low–dust alternative, providing a performance stopping solution that eliminates noise and keeps your wheels clean. Lifetime Warranty.
Brembo Replacement RotorBrembo Replacement Rotor
Brembo Sport Rotors exceed the performance of nearly every disc on the road. They excel in both everyday driving and high-power motoring. Sport Rotors even meet the strict Euro TUV standards. It's everything the worldwide leader in brakes should deliver. Tens of thousands of miles of driving in all types of weather conditions is hard on brakes. And while drivers expect their vehicle’s disc brake pads to wear out over time, what they don’t always realize is that their vehicle’s brake rotors are wearing out too. The pressure and heat generated by the brake pads rubbing against the brake rotors combined with the dirt and debris that gets between them wears away metal, slowly removing the material that was designed to act as a heat sink to maintain braking performance and efficiency. Once brake rotors have worn to their minimum thickness it’s time to replace them along with the pads
Wilwood Engineering
Performance Disc Brake Kits
Eibach Springs
lowering kits
Cross Drilled - Kangaroo Paw Venting
PSS Coil-Over Kit
bilstein pss
(Premium, Performance Street)
Brembo Turismo Brake Kit
Brembo Turismo Brake Kit

(Performance Street, Autocross/Track)
Koni Sport Suspension Kit
koni_sport_kit.jpg - 3573 Bytes
Koni Sport Suspension Kit
(Performance Street)
Eibach Anti-Roll Kit Eibach Anti-Roll Kit (Premium, Performance Street)
Pro-Kit Spring Set Eibach Pro Kit(Premium, Performance Street)
Bilstein HD Shock - Struts bilstein hd series shocks and struts(Premium, Performance Street)
Koni Sport Shock Koni Sport ShockKoni Sport Shock(Premium, Performance Street, Autocross/Track)
DC Sports Strut BarDC Sports Strut Bar DC Sports Strut Bar - Front - Carbon Steel
Front - Carbon Steel
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