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Caparo T1
"a power-to-weight ratio double the Bugatti Veyron´s, and so much downforce you
will be able to drive it upside down in a tunnel at 150mph"   CAR Magazine May 2006

Caparo T1
Production Start 2006 Manufacturer Caparo T1
Powertrain Layout Mid Engine Wheelbase 2900 mm (110 in)
Length 4066 mm (160.1 in) Width 1852 mm
Height 1076 mm Front Track 1990 mm
Rear Track 1924 mm Engine Type 32 Valve Aluminium V8 DOHC
Displacment 3.5 L Transmission 6 speed sequential gearbox
Brakes 355 dia steel race discs 6 Piston F/4 Piston R Weight 550 kg (1200 lb)
Performance Top Gear Test
0 – 60 mph2.5 (secs) 0 – 100 mph5.0 (secs)
Top Speedclaim: 200 mph ¼ MI ET/MPHNA
Horsepower575 BHP @ 10,500 rpm Torque 310 lb–ft @ 9,000 rpm

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