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How Accurate is Your Credit Report?

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The Dagger GT

The fastest production car maybe?
Streetable, 427 twin turbo engine, or Custom 2000 hp 427 racing engine or 2700 horsepower polished aluminum 632 Dart big block with 80 mm twin Turbonetics turbos at 30 psi and multifuel injection with race and pump gas / octane-on-demand by Nelson Racing Engines
Price $750,000+ USD
The Dagger GT
Production StartNA ManufacturerTranStar Racing
Powertrain Layout Mid WheelbaseNA
LengthNA WidthNA
HeightNA Front TrackNA
Rear TrackNA Engine TypePush Rod V 8 – twin turbochargers
Displacement10.4 L – 10400 cc – 632 cid. TransmissionNA
BrakesNA Curb WeightNA
0 – 60 mph1.2 (sec) 0 – 125 mphNA (secs)
Top Speed315 mph /500kph ¼ MI ET/MPH6.6 sec @ 205 mph
Horsepower2700 BHP at NA RPM Torque2500 Ft Lbs @ NA RPM

Performance Goals:
  • 315 mph top speed goal (with landspeed safety package)
  • 280 mph standing mile (new record)
  • 205 mph quarter mile (with drag package)
  • Under 6.6 seconds quarter mile
  • 1.2 seconds zero-to-sixty mph (current Nissan 1900 hp dragster record)
  • VIR Grand Course Lap Record
  • Nurburgring Lap Record
  • Lap records at Talladega, Daytona and Indianapolis Raceways
  • Slalom record
  • Zero-to-sixty-to-zero record
TranStar Racing

Not officially tested

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